Accredited Skills Programmes

Become a qualified professional in your field of expertize with one of our accredited skills programmes.
These have been designed to give our graduates a competitive edge in the market.


Accredited Full Qualifications

We have a whole range of qualifications for different occupational needs, we ensure that our students get full theory and practical components of their training modules to meet the requirements of their qualifications or unit standards.



Skills Development, Training & Legal Compliance Specialists

Accredited Full Qualifications, Skills Programmes & Customized Solutions

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Full Qualifications: National & FET Certificates
1. National Certificate: Environmental Practice (NQF Level 3, 120 Credits) 2. Further Education & Training Certificate: Environmantal Practice (NQF Level 4, 140 Credits) 3. Further Education & Training Certificate: Municipal Finanace & Administration (NQF Level 4, 157 Credits) 4. National Certificate: Professional Driving (NQF Level 3, 122 Credits) Book Now
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OSHEMAC: Skills Programme (NQF Level 5)
Want to pursue a career in Health & Safety? Enrol for this accredited skills programme and kick start your career. The Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management & Advisory Course is at NQF Level 5 and carries SAIOSH endorsed 5 CPD points, as well as Tech SAIOSH Memebrship.Visit our calendar for upcoming training dates. Book Now
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Environmental Practice: Skills Programme (NQF Level 4)
Become a qualified Environmental Practitioner and horn up your skills, knowledge and experience. Then enroll for this skills programme and be a steap ahead towards your dream. This course carries CPD points and is accredited at NQF Level 4. Get indepth knowledge and practical application of environmental legislation, practices and application of concepts. Book Now
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Professional Commubication & Writing: Skills Progremme (NQF Level 4)
In any business or occupational setup, you need the skills and acumen to communicate effectively, present compelling arguments, write professional and consience reports. This skills programme ensures that delegates can send and receive information without meaning getting lost. This basic course is a must for all professionals at all levels. Book Now
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Coach, Mentor & Supervise Teams/Individuals: Skills Programme (NQF Level 4)
Develop the full potential of your team or individuals that you work with. This programme equips supervisors, mentors and coaches to excell in empowering others and their teams through effective coaching, mentoring and supervisory skills. Effective and productive teams are fully equipped and empowered to function. Book Now
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Human Resource Management & Practices: Skills Programme (NQF Level 5)
People management is pivotal for the smooth operation of any organization. This Skills programme ensures that Human Resource practitioners, assistants, secretaries and self-employed persons understand employment legislation, practices and industry standards. Employees an organizations' most valuable resource. Book Now
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Business Management & Administration: Skills Programme (NQF Level 5)
For every business to run smoothly with all operations, processes and departments running in harmony, there is need for training of key personnel in Business Managment and general business administration.This cutting edge programme has been desingned to upskill, empower and ensure organizatonal efficiency. Book Now
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General Handyman: Skills Programme (NQF Level 4)
Get qualfied as a handyman, this course is designed to equip facilities managers, support, technicians and general handymen to execute their day to day tasks with greater knowledge and efficiency. Even individuals who are self employed in the handyman and facilities management industry can sharpen their skills, knowledge and general management. Book Now
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Emergency Response:Skills Programme (NQF Level 3)
In the home, at the workplace or at play, wwhen it matters to save a life and prevent loss of life there is need for this particular training. Accredited at NQF Level 3, we ensure that delegates are well equipped to respond and take action during an emergency. Taking correct actions during a emergency could save lifes while waiting for an ambulance. Book Now
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For all your staff training, individual training, skills development, short courses and general legal compliance needs partner with the best. With a proven track record paralleled to none, you are guaranteed to get returns on investment. Our facilitators and staff have years of industry experience in training, educaton and are subject matter experts with hands on experinece in their respective ares.

Business Consulting Services
  • Gap Audit
  • General / Baseline Risk Assessment
  • Safety Officer Placement
  • Legal Compliance Services
Our prices are customized to meet client needs


NQF Level 5


Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management and Advisory Course


This course is accredited at NQF Level 5, and carries CDP Points endorsed by SAIOSH. This would enable delegates to gain knowledge and experinec in OHSE and become qualified Safety Officers

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NQF Level 4

Mentor, Coach & Supervise

Mentor, Coach and Supervise an individual or team to achieve maximum efficiency


Become an expert in management of facilities, maintainanace of equipment and tools as well as conduct general handyman activities.

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NQF Level 4

Speaking, Writing & Communication

Speak, Write and Communicate effectively in any setting or context


Effective Public Speaking, Writing and Communication skills are of vital importance not only at the workplace but in our day to day interactions.

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Testimonial 1
John Solesho

The Hanyman course prsented by Tashie Training reinvented the way I and my team looked at maintainance. These guys brought fresh insight on things that we normally take for granted and the greater implications on productivity. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone in the handyman and facilities management or general maintainance spheres.

Testimonial 1
Richard Marks

Ash's tactics & books have helped me a lot in my understanding on how social media advertising works.I can say that he is one of the best development professionals i have dealt with so far. His experience is great & he is such a great & pleasant person to work with as he understands what you are

Testimonial 1
Glen Vorster

The Human Resource certificate programme helped me elevate myself. I now have a formal qualification which enabled me to be promoted to my current postion. My career path has been redefined. I am forver grateful.

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Gap Audit, OHSE Audits, Safety Files, QMS, Placement of OHSE Officers